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Notice: Mike's Custom website will be undergoing some construction and will NOT be updated for up to 10 DAYs!

We are now stocking 2A Armament:

Mike's Custom is the ONLY 2A Armament Dealer in Central CA between San Diego and the Bay Area. If youa re not familiar with 2A Armament you can check them out on the Long Gun page and in the AR Parts page. 2A manufacturers AR Upper/Lowers and handguard as well as other parts. All I can say is... they are Works of ART! From the design to finished product he quality is extremely high. Some of the most intricate CAD programing I have ever seen in the firearms industry. Check them out http://2a-arms.com/ and be AMAZED!

Daniel Defense Authorized Dealer!
Mike's Custom is the ONLY Daniel Defense dealer in the lower Central Valley between Fresno and LA. We have Daniel defense rifles in stock now, and have more coming in each week. If you are looking for a special/specific model then you have to option of ordering it right from Daniel Defense. The Daniel Defense website,
https://danieldefense.com/ , has a feature that allows you to build your rifle or even a custom rifle. The "Build Your DDM4" button will allow you to do this. I can order it, and as a build, it will receive a priority build and ship time so you can be shooting your new rifle as soon as possible. I will also offer this feature to people out of the area and will ship their DD rifle to a FFL in their area. I will be offering specials for online purchases so you will need to call or come by for more info. So, now get to building!

Black Rain Ordnance is now at Mike's Custom:
We are a Black Rain Ord. Authorized Dealer so if there is anything you would like please let me know and I will get it for you if it is not in stock. Check out the Black Rain Ordnance website: http://www.blackrainordnance.com/

Ordering Online From Mike's Custom: I am not able to offer online ordering at this time. If you wish to purchase from us just give us a call or email what you would like to purchase. Include your name, address and Ph # and items you want and I will contact you with a total including shipping to you. At that time I will take your payment over the phone and ship ASAP. If you are outside California and want an AR-Type or other CA modified firearm I will remove the CA mandated part and include the correct parts with your firearm. That is I will remove the Bullet Button and ship the standard mag release with your firearm but you will have to install it. This is easily done and take less then a minute to install. Call for Out of State pricing on Firearms.

If you have any questions please give me a call @ 661-834-7836

Also, here is a link to one of my wholesalers. You can check IN STOCK inventory and you can purchase ONLINE through me. They require a 20% deposit by Credit Card and the firearm is shipped directly to me for you. Give it a try!


 Mike's Custom
Firearms & Ammunition
4519 Whitegate Ave Bakersfield CA 93313
Ph: 661-834-7836      Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm

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